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Am 28. Februar habe ich 17 SchülerInnen des Caritas Schule Graz Unterrichtet. Das haben sie auf deren Homepage über das Workshop geschrieben: 

"On February 28 th seventeen pupils did an English workshop with Victoria Halper at the TaO.

First she suggested doing some miming exercises to get used to performing on a stage. Next the pupils were supposed to show a thing in combination with an activity. When everybody had an idea what it meant to perform and play a role, the students were asked to make up short scenes taken from everyday life. The boys and girls were very creative and had great fun acting out the scenes. They used English very naturally and did very well. All participants laughed and learnt a lot and wanted to do such a workshop again."

TaO! Workshop (c) Caritas Graz
TaO! Workshop (c) Caritas Graz

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