Children's Workshops

Since 2011, I have been offering theater workshops for school groups in the english language and the kid's love it!!


It all started in Graz where I used to work as an english instructor at Berlitz - I decided I wanted to combine theatre and language teaching in order to enhance the way children learn and practice english. I offered the workshop to the Theater am Ortweinplatz Graz and together we have playfully practiced english with many children in and around Graz.

For Schools in Austria (except Styria)

For school groups outside of Graz and Styria interested in having me lead the workshop, I am more than happy to travel through all of Austria. Simply write me and email and we can start to plan either a workshop for 3-4 hours in length or even a week's worth of workshops (similar to what BRG Judenburg had booked for February 2014). 

For School in Graz & Styria

"And now in English!"

Let’s play together, improvise little scenes and enjoy practising our English. For school groups who want work on their English in a fun way. Work through scenes in the target language and practice vocabulary with fun acting exercises. For those who want to learn something new through playing, we offer this Workshop with the native speaker Victoria Halper.

Participants: up to 15 people.
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: € 5 per person


This class is offered by the Theater am Ortweinplatz, please contact them in order to book a workshop.



Schools where I've taught

HS/NMS St. Marein im Mürztal, Bezirk Bruck/Mur

NMS Mooskirchen, Bezirk Voitsberg

BRG Petersgasse, Graz

BRG Hartberg

ABZ für Sozialberufe Wielandgasse Graz

BRG Judenburg


"On February 28th, 2013 seventeen pupils did an English workshop with Victoria Halper at the TaO. First she suggested doing some miming exercises to get used to performing on a stage. Next the pupils were supposed to show a thing in combination with an activity. When everybody had an idea what it meant to perform and play a role, the students were asked to make up short scenes taken from everyday life. The boys and girls were very creative and had great fun acting out the scenes. They used English very naturally and did very well. All participants laughed and learnt a lot and wanted to do such a workshop again."

- Ausbildungszentrum für Sozialberufe Wielandgasse Graz (Caritas)