Let's Get Started 2015!

First off, if you're here and reading this, it shows that you have interest in me and what I do - I'd like to say THANK YOU


2014 was a work-filled year of learning for me as well as a year of great productions like "Kommissar Taler" and "East of Berlin". These productions are still very much a part of what's going on in the world of Victoria Halper and have performances in 2015 - thank you for helping these productions be successful.


2015 feels like a year of improvement and excitement. Maybe it's because I've gotten addicted to motivation podcasts lately but I feel like this year is going to great. And I hope your's will be too.

Producing "Kommissar Taler" and "East of Berlin" was a dream for me and I made it into a reality with perseverance and willpower. Anyone who wants something really bad will make it happen.


What I'm passionate about is Theater, Film, Management and Teaching.


Seems like a lot - and it is. But I don't want to limit myself either - I'm interested in all of the above and have spend time and money on training that have shaped me into the person and artist that I am today. I am proud to be able to create, entertain and work with such wonderful people. This year won't be any different, it will just be better!


The next few months are filled with lots exciting projects, here's a preview:

  • "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams

I will be directing this production for the Open House Theatre Company. The premiere is on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at Theater Brett plays for about 3 weeks straight.


After a successful start in Linz last year, Hannah Moscovitch's multi-nominated play will be on tour to Vienna (Theater Brett) and Wels (Kornspeicher Wels) this February & March as well as schools throughout Austria. We hope to be adding more locations and dates soon! www.theatermenschen.com

For those of you in Lower Austria, check out my feature film debut as director and producer at the Theaterkeller Haag on April 16th at 7pm or April 23rd at 8pm.


I'll be in Judenburg for almost an entire month leading boys and girls at BRG Judenburg (4th Level) in theatre workshops in the english language. It's a fun way to work on english through theatre activities.


Aside from those projects I will be updating my homepage and updating you about what's going on. I also have some ideas for my online audience! Stay tuned :)

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